There are many different types of systems you can use to heat and cool your home – the trick is finding one that will be the most cost-efficient in both the summer and winter.

That’s why a gas furnace with air conditioning combo is an excellent choice for both cooling and heating your home. Also known as gas electric systems, these HVAC units use natural or propane gas to heat your home in the winter while relying on electricity to cool it during the summer.

How does a gas furnace with air conditioning component work?

It starts with the thermostat. Most modern homes have thermostats that control both the heating and cooling of the house. If a thermostat is set at a certain temperature – 72 degrees, for example – the HVAC unit will kick in as necessary to maintain that set temperature. If the temp rises above 72 degrees, the electricity-powered AC portion of the unit will activate until the optimal temperature is reached. If the temp in a room dips below 72 degrees, the gas-powered furnace will activate and stay on until the temperature rises back to 72 degrees.

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When the gas furnace is activated…

  • An inducer fan begins to pull air through the unit. Once the air flow reaches a certain velocity, a valve opens, allowing gas to flow through. This gas is then lit by the unit’s igniter.

  • The gas will burn for a certain period of time – usually not for more than a couple of minutes. After this period, the unit’s blower will activate.

  • Air will be passed over the device’s heat exchanger, where it will be heated and distributed into your home via ducts and airways.

  • Once the thermostat’s preset temperature is reached, the gas will automatically turn off, leaving your house at the desired temp.

When the air conditioner is activated

  • Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners make a room cooler not strictly by pumping cold air into it but by removing warm air, recirculating it, and replacing that warm air with cooler air. To do this

  • The AC unit uses a refrigerant generally a chemical called freon to cool the air in a house. The unit evaporates freon and uses the result of this evaporation cycle to circulate cool air.

  • Ironically, the process of creating cool area actually starts with heat. Freon is a gas. The AC unit compresses this cool gas, causing it to become very hot. The hot gas then passes through the unit, a process which dissipates the heat and turns the gas into liquid. The unit then evaporates the liquid and, in the process, turns it back into cold freon gas, which both absorbs heat and cools a home simultaneously.


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What are the benefits of a combination gas furnace with air conditioning?

  • It’s a two-in one system; you benefit from it both in the winter and the summer.

  • Most current gas furnace with air conditioning systems – when properly maintained – are very efficient and cost-effective, and can last many, many years.