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A split air system is just what it sounds like a two-sided heating and air conditioning system comprised of two separate pieces of equipment that serve to heat (the “hot side”) and cool (the “cold side”) your home.

How do split air systems work?

  • Split air systems consist of an air handler and air conditioner or heat pump connected by copper piping which transfers refrigerant between evaporator and condenser coils.
  • The air handler consists of an evaporator coil, heat exchanger or auxiliary heat kit, along with various controls. It blows air throughout a house via the coil and ducts throughout the house.
  • The air conditioner or heat pump contains a condenser coil, compressor and a variety of controls. The system cools or heats air depending upon the temperature selected on a homes thermostat, which turns the system on when a change in room temperature is required.

What are some of the benefits of split air systems?

  • Split air systems are both cost-effective and energy efficient. The systems only run when necessary (when the temperature drops below a certain number of degrees, for example). This, plus the fact the systems use smaller fan motors, mean split air systems use less energy, resulting in greater savings for you.
  • Split air systems effectively cool and heat your home depending on the time of year and are highly effective at moderating your homes temperature and comfort level.
  • The systems are built to last. With the proper maintenance, a split air system can work at maximum efficiency for years sometimes even decades.

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