If your faucet springs a leak, chances are youre going to notice and fix it sooner rather than later. But what happens when your HVAC systems ducts begin to perforate and crack, effectively leaking air out of the system – air that should be pumped into your home? You may not notice it immediately, but you may see the impact of holes in ductwork in other ways. Like the inability to maintain the ideal temperature in your home. Or even suspiciously high utility bills.

An HVAC system relies on pressurized air being passed through your ductwork in order to function properly. If that ductwork has openings, the air does not become pressurized, severely impacting the ability of the HVAC system – no matter how efficient it may be – to distribute and circulate air throughout your home.

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This is why seasonal maintenance of your HVAC system is important. Having your system checked twice a year can expose flaws in ductwork you may not realize are there – flaws that can be repaired so your house remains comfortable and bills remain low.

Schedule Your seasonal Tune-UpThe HVAC contractors at 72 Degrees offer a complete set of ductwork repair services. We carefully assess the status of the entire duct system, looking for any flaws, no matter how small. We then measure each and every hole to make sure the work were doing completely covers every possible exposure. Finally, we use specialized equipment to seal each perforation, and perform tests to ensure there are no leaks.

Like all of our services, our duct repairs are backed by our 72 Degrees Performance Guarantee, which ensures you will save at least 30% on your heating and cooling bill. If you dont, we will refund you double the difference for the first year of your equipments operation. We will also provide you with a free estimate and the 72 Degrees Straight Forward Pricing Guide, which gives you the entire price of a project up-front.


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