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An oil to gas conversion is something many people consider when it comes to finding an ideal solution for heating their home. After all, natural gas is widely considered to be more efficient, cleaner and easier to maintain.

Other benefits include:

  • Gas heat is generally regarded as one of the most cost-effective means of heating a home; your monthly energy bills can be greatly reduced by using gas heat
  • Unlike oil, gas does not need to be delivered or stored on-site
  • Using gas heat provides you with better resale value for your home

Steps For An Oil to Gas Conversion

  • Find out if natural gas is available in your area (PSNC Energy provides natural gas services for much of North Carolina, including Raleigh and surrounding areas)
  • Contact 72 Degrees to set up an appointment. Well come to your house, ascertain your needs, and provide you with a complimentary estimate (and our 72 Degrees Straight Forward Price GuideTM!) regarding the scope and cost of the oil to gas conversion.
  • Work with us on a cost/benefit analysis of the oil to gas conversion. Based on the estimate we provide youll have better idea on whether or not the conversion will be worth it to you in the long run. Well also provide consultation that will help make your decision easier!
72 Degrees has been performing oil to gas conversion services for homes in central North Carolina for many years. Let us help you with all of your oil to gas conversion needs