As Duke Energy Certified Auditors, we get your new system operating at 92% or better vs. industry average of 57.3%. If our system does not meet that requirement, we will do anything it takes to get it operating at +92% at our expense!

What do you get with an HVAC Audit?

An instant, detail report on your systems efficiency.
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Using an automated diagnostic tool, the HVAC Audit analyzes your systems current performance, and provides and immediate report on fixes you can make to increase its efficiency, along with estimated energy and money savings if suggested repairs are implemented.

A post-repair report to show improvements in performance.
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Once the suggested repairs are completed, youll receive a second report on your HVAC that will provide updated data that measures the increased efficiencies on your system.

Protection for your valuable equipment.
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An HVAC system is one of the biggest investments in your home. By uncovering problems that could affect its performance, youll lengthen your HVACs lifespan and enhance your homes comfort.

Eligibility for a $100 rebate from Duke Energy Progress.

Schedule your HVAC Audit with 72 Degrees a prequalified Duke Energy Progress Home Energy Improvement Program contractor and youll be eligible to receive a $100 cash rebate.*

72 Degrees Commitment and Offer

We are committed to leading the charge on keeping HVAC systems across the Triangle running efficiently, saving home owners on their utility costs, and keeping NC Green. We are pleased to introduce a very special introductory offer for the first 250 people who sign up of $139 per system for a full diagnosis of your HVAC system(s) using our HVAC Audit tool. This will normally retail for $239 per unit. If youre a Duke Energy Progress Customer and qualify you will get $100 back! Plus we will include a FREE Evaporator coil cleaning if youre one of those lucky 250.

* Rebates available once during the program, up to two units per dwelling.

Over the years Ive heard every excuse in the book on why a recommend repair to your heating and cooling system is not completed. “It costs too much”, “the unit still works” and the one that bothers me the most “I dont believe you”. That last one is the hardest to overcome. Most customers are just naturally defensive when it comes to repairs to anything their car, their roof, their plumbing etc especially when there isnt a defined issue occurring. An oil change for your car is normal upkeep but how many of us think about our car battery until too late? You get the idea. Many people have their AC system tuned up but a shocking number of households dont. Why? Fear of the unknown? Fear of the known? I cannot tell you how many new customers tell me “If I Only Knew ” for example: “If I only knew how much energy I was wasting”, “If I only knew if the suggested repairs were necessary” so heres a question “What if you knew?” What if you knew what EXACTLY was wrong with your system(s), what that issue (or issues) were costing you in terms of additional energy consumption, how much you could save on your utility bill by completing the recommend repair(s) and get a before and after report to show you the savings!
You can and 72 Degrees is committed to showing you how with our new HVAC Audit – Automated Diagnostic Tool!

As an added bonus ask us about getting up to 15% off any repairs.

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