Have you had a heating or cooling repair or service done on your homes HVAC unit and wondered if the repair was really needed or worse if the repair even made a difference?

How about buying a new HVAC system and not knowing if the cost is being offset by your utility savings?

As a Preferred Contractor for Duke Energy Progress – 72 Degrees Heating and Air Conditioning has the tools to help you see the value your receiving from repairs AND new installations right on the spot. You will know:

Repairs, Service and Maintenance:

  • Exactly what parts of the units are causing the problems. No more guess work no more wasted time no more wasted energy and NO MORE WASTED MONEY!

  • An estimate of how much you will save on your heating and cooling bills BEFORE any work is completed and then again AFTER the work is finished. Only a select few local HVAC Contractors have this ability, knowledge or for that matter tools to show you this information.

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Sales or Installations of new systems:

  • Ever make a decision to install a new HVAC unit only to find your utility bills increase? This can NEVER happen again with our HVAC Audit tools.

  • Your system will be analyzed before any work is completed you will have a print out on Efficiency Index (EI) and Capacity Index (CI) for your old system.

  • After your new system is professional installed by our team we run this same HVAC audit to show you your new EI and CI and what the estimated years utility savings will be. 72 Degrees will GUARANTEE you a utility savings on your heating and cooling costs of at least 30% for the first 2 years of the new units life.


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