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North Carolina enjoys four beautiful seasons each year, but your HVAC system may not enjoy the changing seasons as much as you do. As we move from frigid winter to sweltering summer, your heating and cooling equipment is put under significant strain and may end up breaking down. But, as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

You wouldn’t drive your car for thousands of miles without getting an oil change, would you? Well, your heat and air can’t run all year without a little maintenance, either. Without regular tune-ups, you could be looking at some expensive repairs.

  • Improve Energy Efficiency — Seasonal maintenance keeps your HVAC unit working at peak efficiency, reducing the amount of energy it uses when conditioning your air.

  • Prevent Breakdowns — HVAC maintenance allows our techs to inspect your equipment for potential problems and prevent breakdowns before they occur.

  • Extended Operating Life — With regular tune-ups your equipment can last five or more years longer than it would without maintenance, saving your $1000s over the years.


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Protect Your HVAC Investment

A new HVAC system is a big investment; don’t you want to protect it with regular maintenance? 72 Degrees is here to ensure that your HVAC system lives up to its full potential and provides you with years of outstanding home comfort. Schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment today — or join our Maintenance Membership Plan and get seasonal maintenance at a great rate and on a convenient schedule!