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Have you had your homes air quality tested recently? If not, now is a great time. And 72 Degrees is here to help with our expert air quality testing services.

Its not only our job to keep your home at an ideal temperature; we also want to make sure the air that you and your family breathe every day is free of potentially harmful pollutants and allergens. Our air quality testing services do just that. We use a number of methods to test your homes air quality. We look for radon, carbon monoxide and other chemicals. We also inspect for mold, mildew, dust mites and more.

If we find something, well offer recommendations for different solutions depending upon your homes needs. It may be ductwork cleaning; it may be humidification or dehumidification products; it may be simple HVAC system maintenance. Regardless, we want to make sure your home is as clean and as comfortable as can be. Our air quality testing services make that possible.

The indoor air quality experts at 72 Degrees take great pride in making your home a comfortable, safe place to live. Maintaining high indoor air quality is an important part of our job. If youd like to schedule a service appointment – including an indoor air quality inspection – with one of our EPA-certified technicians please fill out the contact form below. You can also call us at 919-439-8359. Well respond to your request quickly so we can set you up with the air purification system thats right for you!

If youre in Raleigh NC or the surrounding areas contact us today to have 72 Degrees perform an in-depth air quality test of your home. We guarantee youll breathe easier afterward.