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Proper air filtration is a key component of keeping the air in your home clean and free of potential pollutants.

But there are many different types of air filters available. Some are better than others. Which ones are right for your home?
In order to answer this question you need to look at the various types of filters available and recognize their effectiveness of removing particulates from the air.

Types of Filters:

  • One inch filters The most common filters on the market today are the one-inch filters found in supermarkets, hardware stores and home supply retailers. All these filters guarantee a percentage of effectiveness but be careful.  Weve found the least expensive filters offer little to no cleaning ability and the most expensive filters restrict too much air flow as they get fill up.  Weve partnered with Natures Home to provide our customers with the highest quality filters at the most cost effective rate we could.  Take a look!
  • 4 -5 inch filters These provide good air flow but, again, are generally not great at collecting particles less than one micron in size.
  • Electrostatic filters They tend to be tough to clean and are, unfortunately, good at restricting airflow. Restricting airflow can impede the effectiveness and efficiency of your entire HVAC system.

Do you know MERV?

MERV ratings (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) measure a filters ability to remove particulates from the air. They range on a scale from 1 to 16; the higher the rating, the more effective the filter is at collecting particulates.

As you can see, there are a number of inadequate filters out there. Thats where we come in. The air filtration experts at 72 Degrees can install an air filtration system in your home that is effective in picking up particulates that are less than one micron in size, thereby removing most common household particles (dust, for example).

Interested in learning more about 72 Degrees air filtration products and services? Contact us today to set up an appointment. Well be happy to install a filtration system that will keep your home a healthy, comfortable place to live.