Heating and air conditioning systems can have a very long lifespan – if they’re properly maintained and serviced.

That’s where we come in. 72 Degrees offers a wide array of HVAC repair and maintenance services – as well as new, state of the art systems – to fit every need, home and budget.

Our Intelligent HVAC System records the duration of the ON and the OFF periods of previous cooling and heating cycles and computes how long the ventilation fan should remain on at the end of the next cycles ON period. The residual heating/cooling energy that is left in the system that would otherwise be wasted, is now pushed through into the desired space.

Our Technology also shuts the compressor down for five minutes (leaving the fan running) when the compressor runs continuously for 30 minutes and harvests the latent cool energy from the coiling coils.

Independent studies have shown a 20%-30% reduction of annual run time. The result is longer equipment life and a reduction of your annual utility bills.

72 Degrees’ complete installation and maintenance services are designed to allow you to get the most out of your heating and air conditioning system. We back these services with our extensive guarantees and service agreements, which include:

  • The 72 Degrees Performance Guarantee, designed to ensure you will save at least 30% on your heating and cooling bill or we will refund you double the difference for the first year of your equipment’s operation.
  • A comprehensive 1 year warranty on all repairs (Service Agreement Club Members enjoy a 5 year warranty on repairs!)
  • A 2-year trial guarantee on new installations, which gives you 2 years (a total of 8 seasons!) to test out your equipment. If you’re not satisfied, we will remove the system and provide you with a 100% refund on your entire investment.
  • The 72 Degrees Straight Forward Pricing Guideâ„¢, an easy-to-read guide that provides you with the total price of a project up-front, before any work is done.

Heating RepairsAC Repairs

Consistent maintenance is important – not just of the air conditioning or heating unit itself, but the entire system.

For example, one of the main culprits of a system unable to provide maximum comfort is old, outdated duct work. Many homes’ existing duct work doesn’t meet the requirements their HVAC system demands. Old or improperly installed duct work may leak air to the outside of a house, suck in dirt particles from outside, and generally cost you extra money through monthly electric or gas bills and the need to replace a system before its time.

At 72 Degrees we want you to have the opportunity to maximize your comfort, lower your energy consumption and save money on your utility bills. Whether you’re looking to have a new system installed, or repair or maintain a current system, we invite you to learn more about 72 Degrees’ heating and air conditioning products and services. Give us a call today at 919-439-8359 to discuss your heating and cooling needs, or use our online form below to schedule a service appointment. We offer heating and air conditioning services throughout central North Carolina, and our customer care representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Did you know…

LAKELAND ELECTRIC AND WATER and the Florida Solar Energy Centers research team found that by repairing leaking duct systems, cooling energy was reduced by an average of 18%.

If you need further help choosing a contractor that’s right for you, please see our article entitled Top 12 Questions That Should Be Answered Before Selecting a Contractor to Replace Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System. We’re confident you’ll find 72 Degrees offers the right answers for all of those questions.