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The duct system is one of the most important components of a heating and cooling system.

Unfortunately, it also tends to be one of the most neglected. Perhaps this is because the ducts in a home are typically hidden away and people simply dont think about them. Whatever the reasons, improperly installed or maintained ducts – or just old ductwork – is often the main culprit behind an HVAC system that is not operating efficiently and effectively.
At 72 Degrees we receive many, many, many HVAC repair calls per year. After investigating the problems, we find that a great deal of the issues our customers experience are the result of a dirty, cracked or poorly installed duct system.

This type of duct system can lead to:

  • Unclean air, which can cause allergies and other illnesses
  • Duct Services

    Image Courtesy of Consumer Energy Center

    Air escaping out of the ducts, thereby causing the HVAC system to continuously run – and you to waste money

  • The inability to reach or maintain the optimal temperature within your home

72 Degrees offers a number of duct cleaning, duct repair and duct installation services. They are all backed by our 72 Degrees Performance Guarantee, which ensures you will save at least 30% on your heating and cooling bill or we will refund you double the difference for the first year of your equipments operation. Of course, before performing any work on your home we will also offer a free estimate and our 72 Degrees Straight Forward Pricing Guideâ„¢, which gives you the price of a project up-front, before we do any work.

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